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Hi, so this is kinda important so please read through.

I sent my application to AAdrl in December and i received a reply in march 1st week. They have waitlisted me there. In the mail they stated I'll get to know about the waitlist in early june which is super late. I want to be at AA but it's a uk school and has a different admission process for waitlist unlike us universities. 

1. Does anyone have any experience with AA waitlist and what is the timeline?

2. Does sending LOCI interest works here because program head Theodore spyropolus asses who gets in and his mail is not there on the website. Will sending it to admissions mail work?

3. It is a request from me for applicants who're admitted to AADrl and are not willing to continue their admissions there then please let them know you're not going  so people like me who're waitlisted can get to know the decision early

any advice

Apr 25, 22 4:55 pm

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