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There are not a lot of B.Arch threads in the forum, so I am hoping for any input from current/former students . The above are my son's choices for B.Arch. He is leaning toward Sci-Arc (the current issue notwithstanding) because he thinks he likes more experimental design. 

We plan to travel to Syracuse & SciArc, which should help some. Both are equally expensive (AZ & OR are cheaper though).  He'd rather just design than attend many classes, so a full university experience is not critical. Both are highly rated, so the decision is hard.

Any advice would be welcome. TIA

Apr 5, 22 12:34 pm
Non Sequitur

Take the cheapest option and make the kid do their own research.

Apr 5, 22 12:53 pm  · 
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We have done as much research as we can, but hoping for the insight from people who may have attended recently (or are enrolled currently).

Apr 5, 22 2:46 pm  · 
Kadam- F

I went to an undergrad school at Syracuse and  continued my post grad at SCI-Arc back in late 90s. As I still practice as an architects nowaday,  I admit that I am very proud to be a part of SCI-Arc culture, and SCi-Arc’s rebellious spirit, I gain here, always help me to keep myself moving.

However, I would say that those well balance knowledge between practicality, theory, and history, that I have gain from Syracuse, helped me to get by on this tough industry. Syracuse may not seem to be the most cutting edge school but the school was serious on impose a criticality onto a reality, and this approach has shape my way of seeing, doing, and thinking to grounded with reality. It gives a strong foundation in my career. 

Apr 6, 22 12:26 pm  · 

Thank you!

Apr 22, 22 3:59 pm  · 

TL;DR: Name recognition isn't nearly as important as personal demeanor, work-ethic, and passion. Go with cheaper options, as long as they're a B.Arch 5-year professional degree (if you can help it).

I used to have a different opinion about my Alma Mater but....

I'm an alum of Syracuse University, and while I can definitely say that their study abroad programs were intense and wonderful while I was there; and the various other classes they offered were high-caliber and useful (particularly various electives like Professional Practice)...

At this point in my career, I see far more value in the knowledge, work-ethic, and passion of graduates wanting to enter the field than I do in which school they attended. Syracuse is far and away one of the most expensive architecture schools in the country (when I graduated, the total cost of education was roughly $60 grand per year). I'd strongly recommend cheaper options.

As for the other programs you listed, they're all fine. I would very much recommend the 5-year B.Arch path if your son is sure that he wants to go into architecture, as the M.Arch 1 paths (also called 4+2) cost more money and take (at least) a year longer than the B.Arch, while holding the exact same professional weight. Also, my experience with graduates from a lot of M.Arch 1 programs here in the US is that they're not as confident in design thinking as their B.Arch counterparts, regardless of where they went to school.

Feel free to message me if you want more in-depth advice. I know how hard it can be for parents to help their high-school age kids find a good fit in our extraordinarily expensive higher ed.

Apr 25, 22 6:15 am  · 
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Thank you! Emailed..

Apr 25, 22 2:42 pm  · 

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