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Hello, I am in a very weird scenario in which I can’t find the answers I need.  I have no mentor or guidance and I can’t find my answers anywhere online.  

I have taken a much too long gap year after high school and I am desperate to start school in the fall.  The plan is to study outside of the US.  My boyfriend has to go back to Mexico City for a few years to finish his med school.  I love it there so I figured it would be best to live there for a couple of years to at least get my undergrad in architecture. The best school in Mexico is UNAM, but I’m not confident in my Spanish level to take all of my courses in Spanish. The only other option I seem to have in Mexico City is Tec de Monterrey.  The problem there is that it is not well accredited in other parts of the world.  I don’t need to go to a school that is the best of the best, but I need to go to a school that is recognized in the majority of the world.  The customer service team at Tec is awful and they are unable to answer any of my questions, so I am unsure if it is even unrecognized in the majority of the western world.  I would love to attend Tec, but I don’t want to study there for years, then try to get my masters in the states and find out that I can’t get in anywhere because my undergrad is useless.  I would appreciate advice from anyone who has studied, is studying, or works in Mexico City on what school I should study at or if I should study there.

I am looking at many other options for my studies.  I have been focusing my school search in Western Europe.  I have endless opportunities but the options are becoming daunting and I am quite overwhelmed.  I have so many questions I don’t know where to begin.  If you studied your whole architecture degree as an international student, I would love some advice on how you found programs that weren’t a huge financial burden (full or majority scholarships, stipends, or work and study), taught at least the first year in English, and how to know if it is a good, accredited school.

I am aware that my problems are quite niche, but honestly any insight will help.  I have zero guidance and I’m young and confused.  Thank you very much.

Apr 2, 22 4:50 pm

Apr 3, 22 3:50 pm  · 

you should study where you want to work after. getting a visa to work is not easy. undergraduate courses are mostly taught in the language of the country, some masters programs would be in english. anyway, starting in fall is unlikely - applications and decisions for this year are over.

Apr 4, 22 4:32 am  · 

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