Questions on Masters in Computational Design Courses


Hi, am interested to pursue a Master in Computational Design programme. Have done some findings and would really appreciate if someone could share some inights and experiences on the following questions.

1. May I ask what are the main differences/nuances between AA Emtech / AADRL and IAAC Barcelona ? Both seem to have touched on similar things like design optimization, ecological design, and programming with Python. Do they mainly focus more on the conceptual side or do they also cover topics like how to rationalize a facade and automate construction detailings ?

2.  I have came across UPC Barcelona as well and they seem to also offer programming in Python, as well as optimization and fabrication. Will this course cover mainly indepth technical aspects ? Or is it pretty much the same things taught at the AA / IAAC

3. I have alsoncome across Stuttgart and some German universities.

4. May I ask what are the considerations when making a selection/deciding ?

 I am interested in learning how to use Grasshopper/Computational design tools to learn more about applications that can be useful, for example turning a swarm agent-based concept into a buildable form with detailings. Hopefully can also learn to do some things with Python that is actually hard or undoable in Grasshopper ( otherwise am not sure of how Python can be useful if it can otherwise be easily achieved with native GH components).

Mar 24, 22 10:30 am

I'm no expert but I'm really into computational design ...I think when you learn any coding language you get to make the machine designing for you so python would be helpfull to ask the computer to design anything for you when you enter the data you need 

Mar 26, 22 2:37 pm  · 

hi, I am an Iaac alumni. I have studied Maa2 for 2 years and I have a lot of friends from AA and I personally condutrd multiple workshops with them. I must say, AA is a school far superior just for one main reason, the alumni community. But let me answer your questions first.

1) AADRL focuses mainly focuses on architecture where as Emtech is focused a lot on digital fabrication and things like materialor systems innovation. Iaac have multiple masters degree but the main teaching atmosphere is kinda like Emtech, a jigh focus on fabrication and computation.

2) It won't be the same at all. AA and Iaac have a lot of experience in these field and much better applications and education. Both have superb and well diversified education and pioneers in different things.

3) I would say, stuttgart ITech is kind of a better version of Iaac. I your focus is on fabrication such as 3d printing, robotics etc.. go for Itech, Kadk or Eth. If I do another masters in the future, i will definitely choose one of those.

4) I think it all comes down to opportunities after education. I think the best ones for this is definitely AA, then Kadk and Itech. These schools really support their students and promote them and support them after graduation. Iaac is really bad in that aspect. The faculty do not support the students and even shame publically to possible employers in juries just because personal dislikes. I have multiple friends who experienced negative feedback a year after graduation when they applied for positions on other institutes. They will most likely wont return their emails after graduation too, which is really not what you want from a higher education institute. These would never happen in other established universities. Anyways, it sounds like I am vilifying Iaac but i am just giving some inside i formation:) and must say, it is one of the best places in their field in terms of education 

Aug 24, 22 4:33 pm  · 

Patil’s rundown pretty much matches my understanding of these schools. Emtech and Stuttgart are imo stronger programs than iaac, but if you’re a strong student you’ll get a lot out of any of them. Would highly advise learning a bunch on your own if possible before starting at one of these programs; I meet people all the time who got in and did fine but ended up doing the less “computational” tasks in the groupwork and it shows in their learning outcomes. 

Aug 24, 22 8:35 pm  · 

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