Pratt or Northeastern for M. Arch 1


I got into Pratt and Northeastern for their M. Arch 1 programs and I really don’t know which school to chose to go to. I know they’re pretty different types of schools and I don’t know how to compare them effectively to make a decision. Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated! Thank you :) 

Mar 18, 22 7:10 pm

I got through both as well and I guess I’m leaning towards northeastern more cause of their practical aspect. I’m not into computational design and I’ve seen Pratts work and it seemed very concept heavy (maybe cause it’s primarily an art and design school). The sad part is that the reason why a lot of students NEU Is for their co-op which isn’t included for the M.arch program. 

Apr 23, 22 12:53 pm  · 

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