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Does anyone know if Harvard's virtual Design Discovery program is worth taking as someone with a background in design? I'm a recent graduate of a non-professional undergraduate architecture program, and I intend on applying to GSD for grad school. Any insight would be very much appreciated. Thank you. 

Mar 14, 22 10:05 pm
boy racer

I've heard, obviously, that the virtual portion is not as engaging as the in-person portion; but, those summer-immersion programs are great for both building a portfolio (especially if you have a non-pro background) and for your application/foresight in general. Basically, if there is no other option, I would say to do it.

The GSD has a specific location in the application to insert your DD-certificate and report.

Jan 31, 23 10:19 pm  · 

Next year they are rolling out a blood test which instantly detects whether you are destined for greatness as an architect.

Feb 1, 23 2:04 pm  · 

but does it necessarily increase your chances of getting in though just with the certificate?

As much as i'd like to attend, it looks very inefficient from someone living outside the states with the plane costs and the accomodation costs

Feb 6, 23 8:49 pm  · 

unsure as to whether it increases your chances of getting in, but mine did give me enough material to land internships at some amazing studios. I'd definitely recommend the virtual one! I was in the first virtual batch - DDV '21.

- It gave me some interesting projects to add to my portfolio from outside of school (I have a background in architecture). 

- It's a great opportunity to collaborate/ interact with an international cohort from diverse disciplines, learn from them, and see their perspectives on respective projects

- It temporarily opens doors to many resources via access to a Harvard ID, which you're free to use if that would be of interest to you!

- It really did change the way I approached projects - I started looking at them more holistically (I believe this might have to do with the range in assignments, reading material, disciplines studied, instructor and peer feedback, and hearing the processes of my diverse cohort)

- But most of all I made some really good connections who I'm still in touch with. We continue to share projects/ work that others might be interested in on our group chat, keep friends in the loop during application season, occasionally meet as most us now live around the same geographic area (though we were initially spread throughout the world).

However, you will have to put in the effort - it is what you make of it! The programme is intensive and has a good amount of coursework.

Hope this helps!

Feb 20, 23 11:20 pm  · 
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