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Hi, I'm a recent graduate of B.Arch from India, I am keen on designing schools, but I am unable to find my way in this niche. Is there a course I should take in this field, I've been applying for jobs, but since there are very few firms specializing in school design in India, I can't find any, and I've also tried applying to companies outside India, but no luck. 

I  hope you could help me figure out a way in pursuing my dream.

Thank you 

Jan 21, 22 12:27 am

Unfortunately, I am not aware of a lot of 'courses' that specifically teaches a course based on industry. I've seen courses in interior design in healthcare, restaurants, and interior spaces, but nothing for schools unfortunately. By courses, I'm assuming you're talking about specialised short courses and not master degrees.

I do know that CAUKIN, a company based in the UK, builds schools abroad, typically in the Global South. You could attend a couple of their virtual workshops and/or live-build construction workshops where you get to learn and possibly influence the design process of said schools. They also deal with community halls and training centres.

Having those on your CV should be good.

Jan 22, 22 10:36 am  · 

I almost forgot. CIBSE actually has a School Design Group. You can join as a member: CIBSE - School Design Group

You can get the book here: CIBSE - Building Services Knowledge

Jan 22, 22 10:46 am  · 

Thank you so much for your help. I went through these websites, and they have been a great help.

Jan 27, 22 8:43 am  · 

You're welcome! Just to add, sometimes if you join the virtual workshops at CAUKIN, you could potentially get offered a job though I would suggest you ask them first before just in case it's your main reason for joining.

But they do really good work so I would suggest that you do it regardless. The prices might be an issue though.

Jan 28, 22 3:56 am  · 

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