Should I quit my job


So I have been working at local offices here in egypt since I graduated in 2020, and I used a lot of revit mostly for shopdrawing, and I feel like i left the designing behind, I don't have proper knowledge in the proper tools like rhino or ketchup, rendering engines....etc,and  i don't feel  I practiced architectural design in a proper way in quit sometimes, I feel like I'm behind my peers and need a quality time to improve my skills and portfolio, should I quit my job to do that? 

Jan 18, 22 10:11 am

first get another job, then quit the one you have

Jan 18, 22 10:15 am  · 
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Sounds like you already know your answer. 

Jan 18, 22 10:59 am  · 
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You need more knowledge in KETCHUP

Jan 18, 22 12:52 pm  · 
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Not in Chicago.

Jan 18, 22 1:59 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

^correct answer.

Jan 18, 22 2:14 pm  · 
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Why are those the proper tools for architecture? What do you think architects spend most of their time doing? If you don't like it, change jobs, but It sounds to me like you've either missed a big chunk of what you should probably have learned in school (not sure your level of education), or you misunderstand how the profession works for most. In any case, good luck! 

Jan 19, 22 2:43 am  · 

Polish your skills. Get a job you want. Or at least make yourself good enough to do that. Then quit your job.

Jan 19, 22 7:58 am  · 

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