Mistake in portfolio submission?


So I underestimated the time it would take doing the written part of the portfolio and rushed it. I asked my brother to review it for any spelling and grammar mistakes before quickly submitting it but he somehow decided to skip the short one line descriptions under some of the images without letting me known and since I had to rush submit it, I didn't do a final review trusting him. After, I noticed under one image description I missed one word and a letter in another word in the SAME sentence. Everything else was fine. I also spent a lot of time on my SOP (got it checked by many weeks before), so writing wise everything is on point except for that one sentence in my portfolio.

Do you guys think if everything else is strong in the application (ie SOP, references, portfolio projects, etc), having a one sentence description under an image have minor mistakes will impact my application by a lot? I saw many say the admission committee doesn't really read these portfolios in depth, is this true? I'm hoping because it's just a simple description under an already clear rendered image that they won't bother reading it.

Anyone else was in a similar situation but made it through lol? I'm major stressing and beating myself up over not doing one final checkup so don't lecture me I already know I messed up. Thankfully this was my first application and I had time to fix these mistakes for the next round of submissions. 

Jan 15, 22 6:53 am
Non Sequitur

checking your spelling is the least you can do and I would knock something down if I noticed spellings errors however, no one has the time to read application folios anyways. 

Jan 15, 22 9:28 am  · 
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yeah it was a clown move I get that and I should have known better. but that's what I'm hoping, like at least they wouldn't bother reading one liner descriptors under an image and just concentrate on the project paragraph I wrote for each project if they'll be reading anything.

Jan 15, 22 3:28 pm  · 

Don't worry! they will send you back with a plan check comment!

Jan 15, 22 10:58 am  · 

You know there are many international applicants who's first language is not English, they have no problems getting in those schools...

You will be totally fine unless you have spelling error in most sentences.

Jan 15, 22 11:54 am  · 
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Thank you, I'm hoping for the best even though this was a stupid mistake to make but hopefully the rest of my application carries me and they somehow miss this. 

Jan 15, 22 3:31 pm  · 

I always redline rejected portfolios as I return them to sender…

Jan 15, 22 4:56 pm  · 
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how helpful

Jan 15, 22 6:03 pm  · 

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