Questions About Carnegie Mellon University

Recently, I applied for the master of architecture at CMU. All the information mentioned on the website seems fascinating, such as small programs, opportunities, and faculties. Also, CMU is a famous university in the computer science field. Therefore, it brings me to some concerns. Does it seem like the student on Archinect do not apply to CMU that often, and I'm wondering why? Can anybody give insights into the CMU master program, or What is the difference of career prospects after studying CMU?

I really like the atmosphere at Carnegie Mellon University, but I am an international student, so I don't have too many people to ask, haha! I hope to hear some brilliant insights that may be helpful for many students.

Jan 15, 22 12:21 pm

Mmmmmmm Carnegie's mellons. 

Jan 19, 22 2:46 pm  · 
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Jan 20, 22 2:56 am  · 

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