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Hello All,

I’ve applied to a few programmes within the U.K. (AA, UCL, RCA etc) and received an offer the AA for their Diploma programme. As it’s a private university the fees are £22K for all students regardless of whether their international or not. I’m aware they have scholarships, studentships and funding for students who are less privileged financially. I’d be looking to fund my time there via Student loans, Scholarships and part time work. 

Does anyone have firsthand experience of successfully funding their time at the AA or have any advice regarding the process behind the different funding opportunities the AA offers?

Also! If anyone else has received an offer to start for Fall 22 hmu we might be classmates…

Jan 13, 22 10:42 am

Sorry to break it down for you but the AA is a rich kids' school. You simply don't apply there if you aren't already really wealthy. Also, paying all that money is not going to make you a superstar architect. So just go to a decent school that you can afford instead of getting into hardship for an 'elite' education. There are several better options out there. 

Jan 13, 22 5:37 pm  · 

I get that.I applied fully aware of the financial challenges I’d face which is why I have applied to other schools in addition. It’s not the ‘prestige’ reputation of the school or a desire to become the next starchitect that motivated me to apply there. It’s one of the few programmes that offers design units I’m actually interested in, with programme structure that I haven’t come across before in my search for Part 2 programmes.  

I’m aware of the challenges which is why I have posted on this forum, to see if anyone else has been in my shoes and decide for myself if it makes financial sense to attend.

I’ll be paying all that money regardless of whatever school I attend. Especially those located in London the only real difference is the tuition fee to which they give out scholarships for to those who need them. 

Jan 14, 22 4:11 am  · 

Hello, the funding can only benefit you are from this country, the rest of the others probably can't use what I've heard, but I don't know exactly, you need to read who can and who can't use

Jan 14, 22 10:41 am  · 

AA is not a rich kids school. Nor is UCL. They are the top 2 school in the UK and even Europe if you have to put a brand on it. Plus your tuition is considered low comparing with any US universities, whether good or bad. Even UCL is 10k above that amount you listed. This is a response to the comment above 

Jan 16, 22 6:19 am  · 
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Jan 18, 22 9:53 am  · 

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