Can’t I just make cool stuff without all the over-intellectualization?

Moeshe Softy

considering a masters in architecture 

been drawing and creating buildings for years via art projects and film projects

have written for an architecture journal

but not a sage regarding the field or it’s history, by far. Just a fanatic who likes to imagine buildings and cityscapes and visualize them somehow 

but would love the skills and license to build something real, and do it again and again

a prestigious school will likely accept me

but they talk so much about all this stuff with all these big words

that I know, but am bored with

I used to be very intellectual and it attracted me big money for no reason other than my articulate ness about various abstract things, made even better when I used words like pedagogy and hegemony

but with age, I’m SO over it. I don’t are about big words describing social science that could and should be described in laymen’s terms instead

being able to translate a large idea into laymen’s terms that a child can understand is actually a greater sign of intelligence than remembering big words

so I’m worried that I’ll be enrolling in a school where excellence means turning architecture into more of a complex abstract intellectually aristocratic contest than it has to be

don’t get me wrong.. architecture CAN be that contest and will be that contest for those who like that contest

but I don’t think architecture HAS to be that contest. I just want the technical skills to build any kind of building I want and enough social science to not be a total ass when it comes to minding things like economics, poverty, climate change and the digital layer of our world

but I think some of the intellecualization that goes too much deeper or analytical beyond practical relevancy can get mastubatory and alien at times

I just want to build stuff that’s cool, sexy and responsible. I hate how aesthetics and starchitects are shamed for doing the one thing that probably drew many to architecture in the first place: infusing beauty and passion into their creative process

sure function should remain central, but I don’t want to have the life sucked out of my architecture personally . I love beautiful buildings from old days even when they are functionally screwed, and that love is something we need to pay attention to, because it means something alongside getting the functional part right

so which school should I go to, where I can make stuff that is it’s functional but also just dope as hell without it being viewed as egotistical and childish? Because that  childish part, at least, is what leads to things ppl look back on centuries later with joy 

Jan 9, 22 11:33 am
Non Sequitur

so what is the question? 

Jan 9, 22 11:39 am  · 

haha Moeshe Softy just wanted to let it all out.

Jan 9, 22 3:31 pm  · 
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TU Delft

Jan 9, 22 3:42 pm  · 

Do it. You sound like you can make it through a degree program without changing your beliefs even if it means playing along for a few years. Get the degree, get some experience, then start a firm and show the world what's what. 

Jan 9, 22 4:10 pm  · 
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you'll find plenty sympathetic people in the industry regardless where you study. just keep that in mind to get through it.

Jan 9, 22 7:16 pm  · 
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you'll find lots of sympathy among profs as well, even in the ivies. Not everyone wants to live through the 90's any more. Not sure what you imagine school is about though, exactly. If you mean is it possible to go through grad school without forming a critical thought, maybe not.

But if you can articulate difficult ideas in simple ways I dont think anyone is going to complain. If you can come up with designs that match our very confusing times that are still dope AF then you are equally on solid ground.

You are basically describing yourself as an exceptional student and wondering if everyone will be inauthentic posers and if you can stand the BS? I guess that is about you rather than the system.

fwiw, Sejima barely writes a word about her work and its still pretty cool.  I suppose if she can do it you can too. She has a very well defined critical approach though. It is clear when she speaks and what she designs and builds.

Jan 10, 22 10:55 am  · 
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10/10 username. 

Jan 10, 22 10:57 am  · 
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“over intellectualization” yes, “intellectualization” No.  The fluff is mostly to cover up short comings.  Good designers don’t usually need to over-explain.   Good designers do benefit from intellectual thinking and discussion though.   

Jan 10, 22 4:19 pm  · 
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Too many faculty in the US are using the big words to cover up their lack of built work and technical knowledge.

Jan 10, 22 5:06 pm  · 
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i think it has more to do with justifying the bullshit they know is bullshit but really want to do just for fun.. see "ooo." too many bad application of concepts that only have the slightest of relations to architecture. not over intellectualizing, just sloppy intellectualizing.

Jan 11, 22 11:28 am  · 
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We seem to go through cycles of dilettante US architecture instructors trying to teach everything but architecture. In the 90's the arch school academic fads were philosophy, literature, and film, now its social sciences and environmental engineering.

Jan 11, 22 11:50 am  · 
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agreed - though i certainly have nothing against these subjects, and think architects should learn more about them while in school, but not from architecture professors. if you want to learn philosophy, literature, etc, go to the appropriate department..

Jan 11, 22 11:51 am  · 

yes. yes you can. and, not being snarky (i'm a survivor of the 90's gsd so...). 

you'd probably enjoy David Salle's "How to See" - highly entertaining book about art, by an artist. everything you're looking for. 

Jan 10, 22 9:56 pm  · 

Moeshe, do you need a hug? 

Jan 10, 22 11:16 pm  · 

Do you think you are special?

Jan 11, 22 2:21 pm  · 

one word: method

Jan 11, 22 8:51 pm  · 

One word: meth

Jan 11, 22 9:28 pm  · 

One word: od

Jan 11, 22 11:38 pm  · 

The key here being that the nominal dictates

Jan 11, 22 9:17 pm  · 

how's that work?  Integrated, Tyler?

Jan 11, 22 9:34 pm  · 

would love to see some of your work OP...

Jan 12, 22 7:30 am  · 

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