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Good evening, I have just joined and I am looking for any advice or help on returning to college as a mature student. I have been working in another creative industry all my life but have always had architecture in the back of my mind but never really had the confidence to. Looking for information regarding what would be needed etc. I seem to be drawn more towards residential architecture but thats not one hundred percent but looking to get ideas and information from like minded people. I am based in Ireland at the moment. Thanks

Jan 3, 22 12:21 pm

You don't need a license for most residential.  Therefore, no degree needed.  Get a job drafting for a residential designer and then take it from there.  Whatever you do, don't take on debt for an architectural education.  You probably know the other stuff about the profession:  low pay, long hours, financial insecurity, lack of real creativity.  No need to belabor that subject here.

Jan 3, 22 9:36 pm  · 
atelier nobody

I don't think we have many (if any) Irish architects active here, so I doubt you'll get answers specific to Irish requirements. I'm not even sure if geezertect's response is correct for Ireland (it's correct for most of the US and Canada).

You might try

Jan 4, 22 2:15 pm  · 

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