Can you transfer into a master of architecture 1 program?


Currently applying to M.Arch 1 programs, but I am worried I will not get into my top choice due to its apparent competitiveness. My top choice is City College of New York, but I am applying to a few west coast programs. I cannot afford tuition out west for more than a year, so my question regards if its possible to transfer from one program into another one. Would I be applying to the M.Arch 1 still, or would it be a M.Arch 2? Would it be slightly easier considering I will have a year of architecture work to put in my portfolio? Hope someone can answer!

Dec 30, 21 2:03 pm
Non Sequitur

Every program is different and transferring is not easy...likely not possible.  Better to apply to schools you intend on staying at for the duration of the degree even if that means waiting a year or more before applying.  Remember, M.arch degrees are not investments so don't mortgage your future 20+ years for a 50k/yr piece of paper.

Dec 30, 21 2:25 pm  · 

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