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Hi all, I'm currently finishing up my bachelor's degree in business this year and am looking to pursue grad school for architectural design. I did find out recently that, even with a master's in business, I can pursue graduate school for architecture. However, I was wondering if there are online programs that could speed up the process of the normal 3-year plan. Not to mention, the price of graduate school is steep so I wanted to see what my options were. I looked online as well and a lot of the online programs require a B.A. in architecture to become a graduate student. I thought there would be a way to become licensed and educated without a master's, but I'm not seeing any options like that. 

Additionally, I was recommended to start a portfolio. Recently, I've just been watching youtube videos on design software (rhino) to educate myself and get a head start before my masters. I was wondering if any of you have other recommendations regarding videos, softwares, books, etc. to prepare myself. I'm all ears right now and could really use any help I can get. Thank you! 

Dec 26, 21 11:25 pm
Non Sequitur

there are no shortcuts. Also, your portfolio is not something you piece make for the sake of applications. It’s a life long resume of your creative and design skills/ambitions…not something you can make casually using YT. 

Dec 27, 21 9:43 am  · 

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