CCNY Spitzer School of Architecture Selectivity/Competitiveness


Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any extra information or knowledge on how competitive the Spitzer School of Architecture is and the likelihood of me getting into the program. This is my dream school considering the location connections and the work they have done as a program.

My GPA isn’t the greatest sitting at a 2.6/2.5 because I was a former Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Delaware, but my Landscape Architecture GPA is in the Deans List range, but this is not listed as a separate GPA on transcripts. I am also doubling up on studios to graduate on time.

I am currently a Landscape Architecture student and have had several internships in research transportation and urban design and community outreach. I also am a fashion designer and have presented these designs in my portfolio as well. 

I am planning on taking the GRE to get a good score to outweigh my low GPA. I am proficient in AutoCAD, Solidworks, SketchUp, Adobe Creative Cloud, Rhino, GIS and Lumion. Currently working to learn BIM before Fall 2022. 

If anyone could offer guidance as to how I can make my application shine ,despite my engineering grades lowering my GPA I would really appreciate it. 


Dec 26, 21 11:09 pm

I've been asking similar questions about Spitzer on this site too, but get limited answers.

Dec 28, 21 2:17 pm  · 
Hannah Borgeson

Hello there from the Spitzer School. I'd be happy to discuss your concerns at this upcoming graduate admissions live chat:

Hope to see you there!

Jan 11, 22 12:34 pm  · 

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