EESA Deficiencies


So I had an EESA evaluation done and finally, after several months got it the interim I've gotten licensed in a few states. It came back showing some deficiencies in Building Technology. So now I have to decide whether or not to scrap it as the only thing I'd get out of it is the NCARB certificate at this point.

My question is this: Since I would need to take coursework from a NAAB accredited institution, how can I fulfill this requirement without essentially undertaking a new degree. It seems that most universities won't just let me enroll in a single course in say, Building Performance, for example. Has anyone else run into anything similar? Are there any ways to take a course or two without enrolling in a full degree program?

Dec 10, 21 4:18 pm

Hi there,

Did you resolve the issue?

If you resolved, could you share your experience?

May 15, 23 1:04 am  · 

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