Applying architecture master degree without arch. Bachelor degree


Hi, guys. When I check the requirements of graduate architecture school, most of them requires history/theory and physics class in undergraduate. I didn’t take them in my past years and currently I am senior in Bachelor interior degree. There are no available schedule for me to take them in the last semester. But I took interior history, other art history and calculus before. I am not sure if it counts.
Where should I take these required courses after my graduation and before applying? Summer school? Any suggestions?

Also, since I am an interior designer, what should I put in my application portfolio? Should I do totally different design for architecture? Or put my interior space design also for application?

Dec 7, 21 1:51 am

You can always fulfill these courses at a local community or junior college. When it's needed depends on your schedule--if you want to enter graduate school right away, do it soon. Otherwise 1-2 classes during a gap year should be a breeze compared to full-time. 

For an unrelated major, the prerequisites should be more lenient.

Present yourself as a designer, aspiring towards architecture.

Dec 16, 21 12:36 am  · 

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