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Hello everyone,

I am applying to 3-year m arch programs, no design background. I took a design studio course at a local college and have some personal graphic design and drawings that I am planning to include. 

There is one project that I did in one of the design courses I took. I was not familiar with design software back then so my design was too weak. I ended up changing/improving most of the design and even changed the project site. 

It might not be important, but the question is that some schools that I am applying to want to specify if the project was done in school or personally and I am not sure if I should still say the project was an academic work, considering I changed most of the project. 

Can anyone give me an advice? Thank you!

Dec 2, 21 7:24 am

Honesty might work best, you could say it started out as an academic project but that you made some changes to it, no?

Dec 2, 21 2:26 pm  · 

That sounds like the best way to do. Thank you!

Dec 2, 21 2:57 pm  · 

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