Advice for applying to out of state M.arch I programs


Trying to figure out how to decide which out of state schools to apply to for master of architecture with a non-architecture undergraduate background. I am from Binghamton New York and a yearly tuition of above around 35,000 would be too much. To anyone whose been through or is familiar with the process, did you have a set of priorities to look for when evaluating programs? I do not want to be stuck with lots of loans in an area for 3 years I do not really enjoy. Schools in or near cities is how I begun looking, but tuition is the most important thing. Also, are the Integrated Path to Architectural Licensure (IPAL) programs harder to get into? Also, if anyone can speak on City College of New York's admission difficulty, that would be helpful. I read somewhere that it was selective but not overly competitive and they can accept generally all qualified applicants; I am having trouble understanding this. Any comments are helpful! Thanks

Dec 1, 21 3:52 pm
On the fence


You will need more money or don't do it.

Dec 2, 21 10:29 am  · 

I do not know of any school offering an MArch with out of state tuition under $40k. I hope I’m wrong, and someone will write in to correct me.  This isn’t really what you’re asking for, but UBuffalo is really well-known in the state and you can get in-state tuition.  

Dec 5, 21 4:21 pm  · 

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