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Hey guys! I'm applying for my M.Arch and I'd really appreciate it if someone can review my portfolio and give me some pointers! 


PS: I will replace my professional work as I have a couple more completed projects now. Made this portfolio last year.

Nov 29, 21 2:36 pm

I am at a loss to say anything about the first project without being extremely critical.

I am not going to look at the rest of your portfolio.

Nov 29, 21 7:05 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

where are you applying? Your history shies previous top Canadian school ambitions. 

Folio suffers the same fate as nearly every other posted here. Thin projects with little progress or exploratory work. Just a collection of minimum reqs and no real demonstration of critical design thinking. What else do you have  to add in addition to a few studio renderings and cliché massing studies?

Nov 29, 21 8:34 pm  · 

Thanks for taking out the time to review my portfolio. Yes, I will be applying to schools in Canada. I have branched out and looked at a couple more schools in Australia too.
I have a lot more things to add from my write-up that I didn't add in my first project i.e a couple of examples of institutions in India that don't treat mental illness the way it should and certain case studies. 

Nov 30, 21 12:17 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

No one is going to read that kind of project filler. Sure, it might be pertinent for your studio assignment, but it does not help with your portfolio. You need to show your creative problem solving chops and design skills. You need to show how you interpret a problem and solve it using geometry and scale. You need to show your thought process and iterations of ideas... not just a collection of b/w tech drawings and bland renderings. Are students these days not taught this?

Nov 30, 21 12:34 pm  · 

I understand your point. I have a couple of sketches I made during the semester while exploring the de sign. I will incorporate those to get a better understanding of why I chose to go ahead with this iteration. Thank you for your feedback. Appreciate it!

Nov 30, 21 12:53 pm  · 

Hi, hope you don' take the above comments to heart. For portfolios, I'm interested in seeing how you embed your design imprint into your projects. I would like to see the intellectual rigour of your projects - you have done up clean, massing diagrams. But I believe you can expound further on the process prior to arriving at them (i.e. what did you read of the site in terms of its stakeholders, environmental response, etc.). May I also ask where are you applying for your M.Arch? 


Nov 29, 21 11:22 pm  · 
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Thank you for the feedback, I will look into this further and will try to bring out my narrative more in the first 2 projects.
I am applying to a couple of schools in Canada and Australia, Ryerson, Carleton, Calgary (canada) and RMIT, Curtin, UTS (australia)

Nov 30, 21 12:21 pm  · 

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