How to Render like this?


Hi All , I would like to know your suggestion on how do you think this is done? Image line works are so clean how? Its said they have just used SketchUp and Photoshop. If any one could guide me through the process it would be really helpful.

Nov 29, 21 4:13 pm
Non Sequitur

Check out this

Nov 29, 21 4:32 pm  · 
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Yes I did post it twice. I really though I could find some help in this page.

Nov 30, 21 5:54 am  · 

That's a SketchUp model with the linework settings toggled around. All the furniture was probably downloaded from the catalog.

Nov 30, 21 9:50 am  · 
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Witty Banter

My best guess is the person exported at least two separate images from Sketchup (one just linework e.g. Hidden Lines and one on a "sketchy" style, maybe a third that's just the shadows) and layered them at varying opacities in Photoshop.  The lights are probably just a yellow/white opacity on a soft brush.  Additional textures may be added via Photoshop.  

That might not be the exact workflow but that's essentially how you achieve something like this.  There are probably even simpler workflows but this will get the job done.

Nov 30, 21 10:21 am  · 
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Yep. SketchUp linework, SketchUp shadows, Photoshop textures, color adjustment, and highlighting. Pretty straightforward workflow, but takes some practice to get this quality.

Nov 30, 21 11:59 am  · 
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Thanks a lot!

Dec 1, 21 5:18 am  · 

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