How will no internship when applying to M.Arch graduate school with a non-arch BA degree affect my admissions chances?


How does professional work experience play into admissions?

Nov 17, 21 4:09 pm

Ask yourself this: if everyone had internships, how would they decide then?

Admissions isn't exactly a checklist of crap to go through. You can find good things to do with your time besides grinding away somewhere without reason besides grad school must-do. Do a decent job elsewhere in the time being if you need to. It's academia, what little you do professional is irrelevant; it's an internship also, what little you gain is largely useless to academia.

Nov 17, 21 4:19 pm  · 

Probably not an issue at this point if your portfolio, recommendations and grades are good enough.   Once you get in somewhere, make sure you get some work experience on school vacations.  Getting an MArch and still not having any internships really will hold you back.

Nov 17, 21 4:46 pm  · 

Zero. Admissions is not trying to build a classful of experienced professionals - if anything, first semester will be all about starting from scratch for everyone, including the seasoned students/pros who sometimes have a harder time ridding themselves of work habits.

Nov 17, 21 7:19 pm  · 
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atelier nobody

Nobody expects MArch I applicants to have any experience in architecture. If you do have some, that's a bonus, but if all you have in your portfolio are the custom surf- and skate-boards you've been building (this was someone I actually knew), that's fine - they're looking for general creative ability, and your personal statement explaining why you want to get into architecture will probably carry the most weight.

Nov 18, 21 1:12 pm  · 

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