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Hello everyone.

I am currently studying my last year of Masters at KU Leuven. If everything goes as it is now, chances are I will graduate summa cum laude. I have previous awards and scholarships, so I believe my dosier will be interesting for my applications further on. 

I am planning to do a PhD in the future, but since I would need extra time to apply for certain scholarships, it means I will have a "free" year after my master graduation. Hence, I am looking at my options for some kind of preparation before applying for a phd. 

I came accross this post-graduate certification from the Bartlet: Advanced Architectural Research PG Cert. Apparently, it lasts only 3 months and is therefore cheaper than their other master programmes. Still, not cheap, but I am wondering if it is worth it?

There is not that munch information available on the programme, so I was wondering if anyone has anything to add.

Thank you!

Nov 2, 21 5:21 pm

Since you have an entire year available, which don't you extend your studies at KU Leuven for 1 year and do extra credits or an Erasmus exchange for 12 months? (Because is possible to do Erasmus up to 12 months). That could be even cheaper instead of paying tuition fees for any UK programne, since you would be paying Belgium fees instead and also getting Erasmus+ grant on top of that every month.

Nov 2, 21 5:43 pm  · 

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking of adding something different to my CV, and of course the main reason is getting a new experience from another university. I have already done 2 erasmus semesters abroad during my bachelors, so now I think there is no reason in doing a third one. Also, I always wanted to go for Bartlett but I never applied due to financial reasons. ..

Nov 2, 21 6:09 pm  · 

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