Best place to work in Canada for architect couple?


Hi, my husband and I both have a masters degree. We both studied for our bachelors in India and I did my masters in RISD and he in Winnipeg. He's continued to stay in Winnipeg, finding a job there. Now I'm also planning to move to Canada (waiting for PR), and want to move to a new place together. I'm design-oriented and he's into technical stuff. Where would be the perfect place for us to start a new life as a husband and wife and as well as architects? 

Oct 25, 21 11:08 am
Non Sequitur

Plenty of work going on all over the country and everyone is looking for staff... so you really can't go wrong (unless you pick quebec), but you should consider which provincial association you want to register for internship first.  Requirements are the same everywhere (except quebec) but it's good to commit to one place long enough to establish a connection with a mentor as you record hours.  Licensing exams are the same everywhere, including quebec, but please note that you are not considered an architect until you jump through our (frozen) hoops and get your education accredited.

With all that said, loads of construction going on in my part of the maple-syrup infused tundra aka Eastern Ontario.

Oct 25, 21 11:38 am  · 

I believe the education accreditation may be unnecessary as CACB and NCARB both recognize American and Canadian professional M.Arch's. I don't remember having to accredit my undergrad degree, so the origin of that may not matter.

To answer the original question, Toronto seems like the obvious choice, however there is likely more stability and work/life balance in exurb communities if you are open to that. Many of the commuter towns into Toronto seem to have quite a few openings, as they sometimes struggle to attract people out of the city.

Oct 25, 21 12:34 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

^correct, I meant to say foreign experience accredited. A US Master degree is most likely reciprocal.

Oct 25, 21 1:13 pm  · 

If the foreign expereince was gained prior to completing the M.Arch I don't think it would count towards the licensing hours (domestic or otherwise), so it may not be an issue. 2+ years of internship only starts the day of your CACB certificate I believe.

Oct 26, 21 7:45 am  · 

If your partner is already employed in Winnipeg, that's a good place to start, rather than you both trying to find jobs at the same time unless money isn't an issue. Once you've worked for a bit, it might be easier to then coordinate jobs somewhere else for the both of you, if you don't feel like staying on the frozen prairies (disclosure: it's where I practice so might be biased).

Here's a link to the local association job boards. There's usually 5 to 10 opening listed at any time, but the real number of positions is likely much higher. 

Besides that, NS has a good idea about looking in the GTA vicinity - millions of people and many firms within an hour of Toronto should give you opportunity to find work

Oct 25, 21 12:48 pm  · 

Besides your jobs, what are you looking for in a city? What are you looking for in a job for that matter? As someone who teaches in western Canada we get constant requests for interns from Vancouver, Calgary and all the places in between. Many of my former students and employees have found their way out to Vancouver in search of a slightly less frigid experience.

Nov 2, 21 4:00 pm  · 

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