Which specialization to go for to build high rise structures?


Hi, I am a 5th-year architecture student from India. I am looking to apply for a master's programme right after I complete my undergraduate degree (or work for a year and then apply). I am interested in designing high-rise structures and I have a goal of designing skyscrapers one day. What masters specialization to opt for to do that? And if possible, please list any good schools offering specialization courses relating to this. I was suggested to go to countries like Japan, South Korea and Singapore as the use of high-rise structures in these countries is abundant.

Oct 18, 21 12:54 am

Cornell, then after you graduate, see if you can get into SOM, there, if you make the right moves, you will be getting a fair amount of skyscraper experience - thats what I did

Oct 18, 21 11:36 am  · 

Did you do the M.Arch at Cornell or the MS AAD? For building high-rise structures only M.Arch is fine? No need for any specialization? Also what about any Asian university? I was thinking of Japan or Korea

Oct 23, 21 5:43 am  · 

I would seek out the folks that work on high-rises rather than go for additional specialization. A CM buddy of mine left school with a bachelor's degree to work for a high rise glass cladding company. His second job was New York by Gehry. Kind of lucky but he sought out high rise work as well. Just a thought.

Oct 29, 21 3:27 pm  · 

The problem is that it is very hard to find a job in another country without doing your masters there. Almost all the people who go out to work in a different country here do their post-graduation first and then find a job there.

Oct 30, 21 1:25 am  · 

Oct 30, 21 12:46 pm  · 

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