Wondering if I will get into IIT or any architecture school with my low gpa?


I feel like it was because of covid my gpa went downhill. I am currently at a 2.85 and it is my last year. 

I want to apply to IIT but I am unsure if they will accept me. I am working on my profolio and its turning out super well. 

I have been placed into two internships over the past 4 years. I currently work as a student aid for my school in the architecture program. 

I feel like ever since we went back "in person" my grades have been improving.

 The professors ask me to help students. hahaha. I already have one professor wanting to write a letter of recommendation for me so thats good. The current professor I have really likes me and I have a feeling she will write one too. I have so much motivation I try to go above and beyond every time when I present my work! 

My ex boss asked me to send me my profolio once I am finished with it so theres that! 

I am aiming for straight As these last two semesters. Lets see...

Oct 18, 21 12:10 am

Do not completely dispair -- you state that your GPA is a 2.85 but is GPA trend?  List you state, you are aiming for a stellar GPA for the last two semesters.

Are you applying for Fall 2022?  If so, they will NOT see your spring semester.  

I would contact the graduate director at IIT to discuss.  Remember, your application is MORE than just your transcript.  You have your portfolio, letters and statement.  Do be proactive about your grades and possible reasons for it -- COVID, etc.

Be proactive.

Oct 18, 21 9:00 am  · 

The 2.85 is overall. I graduate spring of 2022 May so I would apply probably around fall of 2022 and probably enter spring of 2023 January. I was thinking if for some reason I cant bring my gpa up I will contact someone there to discuss. But first I want to finish my profolio. Is that a good idea to do first? Thoughts? I have gathered everything I want to change in my profolio and theres a lot of changes to be made and things I want to add so it may take me some time. But yes those are my thoughts

Oct 18, 21 12:18 pm  · 


Oct 18, 21 12:18 pm  · 

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Nov 1, 21 2:07 pm  · 
On the fence

There is always some college willing to accept your money.

Nov 2, 21 9:47 am  · 
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