Usi Mendrisio, Olgiati - Master Reputation


In Switzerland there are schools that teach architecture such as ETH/EPFL/USI.

I am an international student from Asia and I want to do my master's.

Due to the language barrier, Usi is the most accessible.

My question is, the faculty at USI are great, but I've never heard of this school, I've only heard of ETH.

Does USI have a reputation?

Is this a good school to pursue a master's degree in architecture?

Oct 2, 21 8:03 am

I have only heard good things about it. As far as I know, it is a bit more artistic than the two others. At some point Peter Zumthor taught there. 

Oct 3, 21 1:13 pm  · 

USI is very good, ETH has a better reputation bc it has more phd options (as in topics to do a phd) and funding for phd´s. Honestly for the masters level most likely USI is just as good at ETH but does not have the same reputation. In this situation I would choose which school fits your interest. 

Oct 3, 21 4:21 pm  · 

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