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Wondering if anyone has been through this process or has any insight? I just started a program, but do not align with its pedagogy and don't really like the city its in. Without naming the program, its high ranked, and I am looking at a few other options to transfer to just in case.  I've read this is a pretty difficult process, and it is hard to transfer credits. 

Sep 29, 21 3:49 pm
Non Sequitur

Kids, this is why you don't crowd source important adult decisions.

To your question, transfers are rare, if not impossible due to the application process.  Best option is you apply to another school and hope to successfully argue reciprocity for some courses... but in a 2 or3y degree, I'm not sure you'll get full credit.

Sep 29, 21 5:04 pm  · 

First, you do NOT actually transfer at the graduate level; instead, you apply to your new desired graduate program and request whether or not the new program will either allow any of your previous credits to apply to your new curriculum or will waive you from certain courses.

It will all depend on the policies of your new program; many only will allow from 6-12 credits from a previous program.


Sep 30, 21 6:28 am  · 

Just a random stranger passing by.

I am curious though, Which one did you go? Pratt? Michigan? Or some other choice?

Now, these are just my personal opinion. Seriously, Pedagogy? City? That is what drives you off into consideration of another M.Arch program? Dude, it is just an M.Arch 1. The degrees are not that far apart especially when its accredited due to NAAB requirements. And why do you care about the city? As an Arch student, you should spend all of your free time in studio and your dorm. If you are not eating, sleeping. Then you should be in studio working. I am not joking. Trust me, you will need it. By the time you graduate, it will be a cut throat competition to enter a good firm. 

If you current program does not cost too much $$, just stick with it. Unless you can get into GSD or something with big big name. At the end, it is just the name on your resume. And your portfolio always matter more. No one gives a crap about your thesis. 

Sep 30, 21 1:36 pm  · 
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