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Hi all, 

I'm planning to apply to grad school this winter. I have my recommendation letters set up but definitely need help on the essay, portfolio and honestly I need advice/mentoring on the which schools to apply to or eventually which one to select. Do anyone know a good counseling firm or mentors who worked with students before? I've seen some ads online but they seem fishy. 

Sep 13, 21 11:23 pm


  • going through your undergrad school (either student or alumni association), might have mentoring programs or network to connect you.
  • check what universities offer, they might have open portfolio critiques (like U of Calgary) or can just straight up advise you.
  • ask your current/past studio professors, they can be of great help.
  • there's this guy: Resources | The Architect's Guide (, he's become less helpful freebies and more pushing paid content since last looked but he has been around a while; haven't bought anything from him though.

Curious how you got recommendation letters without a decent portfolio in progress, but anyway hope that helps, cheers

Sep 14, 21 2:02 am  · 
Non Sequitur

I always thought ref letters had to be sent directly from the author to the universities.

Sep 14, 21 6:14 am  · 
Non Sequitur

something smells fishy here. According to Op’s history, they have already applied to grad schools back in 2019 and were (allegedly) accepted with scholarships yet here we are, being asked to help out with very basic stuff. What’s the catch? 

Sep 14, 21 6:13 am  · 
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Hacked account or spontaneous complete forgotfulness perhaps? Too common these days, alas

Sep 14, 21 10:51 pm  · 

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