Project Management - College Suggestions? (US, UK, Canada)


Hi, I'm looking to make the jump from Architecture to Project Management and request your insight of good masters degree in the project management field - US, UK and Canada. 

Background - I'm a registered architect in my home country with 4 years of experience focussing on High rise commercial and residential projects. I've decided to make the shift as I've come to understand from my experience so far, I'm better and much more confident with my management abilities than my design abilities. I also believe I can monetise better at PM than core design. 
I'm looking for college suggestions whose masters program focussing on project management (ideally AEC industry focussed) has a good reputation among employers in their respective countries.

Online ranking/forums etc don't really speak much on the PM field, so any help from you would be great. Thank you! 

Aug 24, 21 4:12 pm
Non Sequitur

PM is essentially a college-level course in my area (Canada, eh!) and its graduates end up as middle people between consultants and clients and the GC. Real PM takes years or real world experience, not a 2y masters degree. 

You’re far better off looking for a different job with those responsibilities than relocating and taking on big student loans. Besides, is your current status as architect available in the US, Canada or UK? 

Aug 24, 21 7:18 pm  · 

Hi, thank you for your response.
I completely agree with you on the experience over degree view, but on the longer run.
The projects I've been involved in, had a 'big name' PMC and I also have a few friends working in some of the other 'big name' construction companies. Talking to the PMs here, what I've gathered is, as a junior in the field, the competition is so high that the hiring process do value ones degree as generally people under 5years experience aren't looked at as an expert in anything. The companies also quite actively use their teams education credentials to impress/build confidence of clients, sort of advertising. And in general in the management side of the business having a masters degree helps get quicker consideration for certain promotions and better pay. Of course assuming one is good at their job.
On the fee part, I'm very fortunate to say, I can manage to get a masters degree with a smaller debt. I have a sponsor. I mean I'm not that financially fortunate to get into an Ivy League but yes can manage a decent degree :)
No, my architect status would not be valid in any of the 3 countries.
Hoping with a masters degree and my work experience, I'll have strong case when I start applying and for the future. I'm okay with relocating, but a bit scared of Canada, as I feel I may just be too weak for the weather there haha!

Aug 25, 21 1:19 pm  · 

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