M.S. Advanced Architectural Design or M.S. in Architecture?


Hi, I want to understand the difference between pursuing M.S. Advanced Architectural Design and M.S. in Architecture, from the job perspective after the degree. Would appreciate guidance on this. Thanks in advance. 

Aug 22, 21 12:44 pm

(USA here): I'm guessing since you're asking this, you did not do a 5-year B.Arch program. If you're planning on getting licensed, you will need to do an M.Arch 1 program. An M.S. degree will not qualify you to get licensed (that I'm aware of).

But if you already have the professional degree, then just look at the program that interests you the most. The usefulness to the profession depends on what that program offers in its curriculum, not on the name of the degree.

Aug 24, 21 1:59 pm  · 
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I already hold a 5 year Bachelor of Architecture degree. Seeking licensure is another discussion altogether. 

After having explored and reviewed both the programs (and the offered curriculum, needless to say) I am looking for guidance on how it would be different to pursue M.S. Advanced Architectural Design from M.S. in Architecture, from the professional perspective, post the degree. It implies probing into job opportunities, prospects, working patterns, areas of job specialization, etc.

My question is as clear as it can get, I would suggest you refrain from digressing from the main point of discussion. 

Sep 17, 21 10:24 am  · 
Non Sequitur

I would suggest you refrain from crowd-sourcing important (and potentially expensive) adult decisions to anonymous online wankers.

Sep 17, 21 10:32 am  · 

Srnb - Seems like you've got it all figured out then. Pretty sure MS Arch degrees (regardless of whatever the particular longer name is) are non-regulated by NCARB, so their program entirely depends on what school the degree is at. I doubt anyone here could give you any general review of the degrees your asking about. Good luck with your applications.

Sep 17, 21 12:41 pm  · 

It is my understanding that an MS typically leads to teaching, given the high level of specificity of each program's curriculum. You may be better off asking the programs you are interested the types of jobs their graduates obtain post-grad.

Sep 17, 21 11:22 am  · 
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If you have a Bachelor of Architecture from an accredited program then that's all you're going to need to become an architect.  That's really all that matters and it will impact your future job prospects the most. It's also helpful not to be an insufferable brat to the people trying to assist you.  The additional schooling won't have much if any impact on your future job prospects in firms.  

You're not going to be specializing in anything for the first five(ish) years of your career.  It's going to take you that long to become competent in what you're doing.

Obviously, if you want to teach or only do research then additional schooling is incredibly beneficial. If that is the case I'd suggest you speak to people involved in those specialized areas.   

Good luck.  

Sep 17, 21 11:30 am  · 
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Can the OP clarify what kind of job they want after graduation: teaching, working in an architectural practice, or something other than those?

Sep 17, 21 1:35 pm  · 

Teaching after graduation without working for a few years, especially teaching 'advanced architectural design' doesn't seem too advisable. For some reason I am thinking of Brad Pitt's starchitects' train wrecks in New Orleans. 

Sep 17, 21 2:06 pm  · 

It's been decades since I have encountered a tenured or tenure track teacher at a USA school that had any meaningful work experience. Today's teachers just knock around NYC for a year or two cutting blue foam for various name-brand superstars. That seems to be enough to check the "practice" box for the hiring committees at architecture schools.

Sep 20, 21 11:06 am  · 

M.S. Advanced Architectural Design is more project-based, or studio oriented. You need to work on several projects through the one year or one and half year study, what you learn will be about different topics. I would say it is like MArch programs, but the courses offered might be wild or beyond architectural field.

While M.S. in Architecture is more like preparing students for the doctoral study, student always need to pick up a topic to do research and write a paper.
Sep 17, 21 7:00 pm  · 

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