Is it possible to defer my acceptance to TU Berlin to next year?



I recently got accepted to TU Berlin's program of Architecture Typology. Tbh I wasn't sure if I would get accepted or not and since they respond late, I went forward and enrolled somewhere else and even started a job. This has been a pleasant surprise as I was accepting to hear their response weeks from now. I still would love to join TU Berlin's program, but I'm not sure I can make it this year. Would it be possible at all to defer my acceptance and start next year? Has anyone attempted this before? 

Any advice is appreciated. 

Aug 20, 21 4:20 am

Hi there! I've also applied to m-arch-t but have received no official response yet :/

I don't know if you can postpone your admission, but worst-case scenario, you could still enroll, pay the semester fee (which is quite low and convenient if you are based in Berlin, since it covers transportation) and "save" your spot for the next year, eventually even taking some smaller courses or seminars if you feel like it.

Aug 20, 21 6:59 am  · 
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This is actually how it works. They won't let you defer, however, you'll be able to save your spot by paying the semester fee (only around 300 EUR).

Aug 20, 21 9:40 am  · 
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hello fellow typology program applicants. I can’t log into the portal to see my application status. And I have been trying to get in touch with all the departments there but it’s been a ghost city. However, the emails I’m receiving are giving me the impression that I have been accepted. What has been your experience with hearing back from the staff?

Sep 8, 21 3:16 pm  · 

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