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I am 32, an architect (equivalent to RIBA Pt.2 qualification, Architect title is protected in my country but we refer to Pt.2 graduates as Architects in general anyway), and have 10 years of experience. Sat for my professional exams last year, pending a paper re-sit.

Long story short, I've decided to go back to studying because I'm tired of not wanting to go to work at a 200-person office with a system that wasn't conducive for a creative environment. Sounds like a corporate burn-out? Probably is. 

As we are in the middle of a pandemic and the traditional soul-finding travels are tricky to do, I thought I would go back to school, add on some skills and knowledge, and hopefully go back into the world with new career goals.

As I am not studying to get registered, I have more freedom to choose study programs. I hope to reconnect with the creative/artistic side of architecture while I'm at it.

I'm leaning towards a second Master's, not a Ph.D. I've gone through the BAM ranking among others and already looked up my program options.

My question is very simple - What studies/ programs would add value to my working experience?

I've considered landscape architecture, as I've always felt that it's a branch of study that is important. I've also considered anything technology-related like fabrication, computation, etc. just because many employers nowadays seem to look for tech-savvy architects. 

I am not interested in project/construction management. That's where my soul died if I'm being honest. 

If you ask me what I am really interested in, it's history and architectural journalism, but I don't feel like I want to go back to school for it at this point.

Would appreciate your feedback!

Aug 14, 21 1:05 pm

I guess my question is, what is your goal after? Own firm, different role in a practice, a completely different venture? What about an MFA? That connects with your desire to be creative, without starting over on a firm so to speak.

Aug 14, 21 4:35 pm  · 
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Hi! I see myself returning to an office eventually and going back to school is sort of like a break. It would just be great to study subjects which would give me an added advantage once I re-enter the profession. I hadn't considered an MFA, maybe I can look into it. Thanks for the suggestion!

Aug 15, 21 7:44 am  · 
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Given your interest... look for historic architecture non-profits and local agencies and volunteer. Start making connections. That leads to training and various opportunities; always learning. 

I started with a local historic non-profit whose goal was to help locals appreciate historic architecture and educate them about maintenance and various grants. That ended up with me getting appointed to the historic board. Which included training and certifications; which introduced me to historic architects, the players around town, as well as the national park service architects... who I helped, first as a volunteer, then they hired my firm to do restorations and maintenance projects knowing my credentials and level of expertise plus who I was. 

You don't have to rely on the firm you are with to expose you to various kinds of work architects do... go find it yourself. No need to go back to school either; plenty of passionate people out there more than happy to share their knowledge... you just need to find them.

Aug 16, 21 4:16 pm  · 
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atelier nobody

If I were in your situation, I'd be looking for a Masters in Building Science.

Aug 16, 21 4:54 pm  · 

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