Master in Parametric architecture, worth it or not ?


hello everyone 

I found out that UPC Barcelona one of the top 20 architecture schools in the world teach Master in Parametric architecture  . This course is one year duration and my thought that I take this master before starting my M.Arch master ( will apply in north American universities) 

My question to you is it really worth taking such master degree? I have red an old discussion in this forum . And honestly it's all insults and attacking each other with just few few good points . I really hope that your opinion in this would be honest cuz it will help me to build my decision on taking this course .

Aug 10, 21 8:32 pm
Non Sequitur

top 20? I've honestly never heard of it... but 8500euro for a 9 month design studio with no accreditation value?  Sure, it's worth it if you're not paying for it.  Besides that, no.  Not worth it.  Take an accredited degree, graduate, and get to work.

Aug 10, 21 9:10 pm  · 
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There's no such thing as a Master in Parametric Architecture.

Just go get an MArch. Focus in parametricism if you want. An extra degree, especially an unaccredited one, is worthless.

Aug 10, 21 10:04 pm  · 
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the worst that can happen is that you spend a year in Barcelona...

Aug 12, 21 4:28 am  · 
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No. Its not worth it unless you actually walk out of that with samples of work showcasing you can build back end plugins to help on design / production / quality control. If you do it because you enjoy it, want to explore it, and you have the means to afford it then go on with it! Or if you want to be an academic I could see this being a highlight on your resume.
Aug 24, 21 10:34 pm  · 

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