Modernist styles: Book recommendation?


I was wondering if you have any recommendations on a book that thoroughly details the various modernist styles. 

I have been through basic readings like Frampton and Jenks and I am really looking for a morevcomprehensive anthology with emphasis on each of the styles (bauhaus, de stijl, constructivism, expressionism etc). 

I have searched online but have not yet found exactly what I am after, so any recommendations would be appreciated! 

Jul 26, 21 12:12 pm

Honestly, each of these movements are best explained in their own books. For example, Constructivism as an art/architecture movement is insanely complex, covering decades from El Lissitzky and Leonidov to Zaha Hadid's thesis project. Your local architecture library might have a copy of "Style and Epoch" by Moisei Ginzburg (it's old and rare). Otherwise, "ABC: International Constructivist Architecture" by Sima Ingberman is a good reference for Constructivism.

"The Story of De Stijl" by Hans Janssen is good reference for that style. Bauhaus can be understood by getting a monograph of Behrens, Mies, or Marcel Breuer. I wasn't as interested in Expressionism when I was in school, so I don't have much to recommend there.

Jul 26, 21 12:23 pm  · 

I perfectly understand your point, although I am not as yet looking for so much depth as a dedicated book per movement. Thank you though for your recommendation on books, I will have them in mind! Since you answered my question, I was also wondering if you know of any resources that offer regular input (lectures series/symposiums/publications?) on modernist architectural history. I am so far aware of DOCOMOMO and the UK Modernist Society and I would welcome any suggestions you may have.

Jul 27, 21 5:43 pm  · 

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