Is ETH Msc Arch good for international? Or GSD?


I am interested in ETH. ETH has so good faculty and consistent teaching style that excites me.

Are there any downsides or hard parts to acquiring this?

And compared to GSD, it has similar or better faculty or better facilities. Why is ETH not popular?

Is there a big difference in international recognition or name value?

Jul 12, 21 7:53 pm
Non Sequitur


Jul 12, 21 8:10 pm  · 

Its a Swiss school. If you want to work in the US after graduating, you're better off going to an American program. If you prefer to work in Switzerland or Europe, then consider an European school.

Jul 12, 21 8:14 pm  · 

If I am not wrong the MArch course in ETH is conducted in German and not English.

Jul 13, 21 12:58 am  · 

GSD and American Universities work hard on advertising themselves. So they tend to have a good reputation for this reason. ETH graduates are favored in Europe over GSD graduates. And probably vice versa in the states. So choose the school based on where you want to work after.  If you decide ETH because you want to live in Europe then picking up German is not a bad idea- although courses are offered in English at ETH also. 

Jul 13, 21 4:31 am  · 

Oh btw ETH is very popular and very highly regarded in Europe.

Jul 13, 21 4:34 am  · 

The teaching quality at ETH is exceptional. The course combines the technical rigour of a polytechnic with the academic rigour of an elite university. Having ETH on your CV in the EU will get you a job very quickly (assuming you've performed well). The ETH is much more focused on Architecture with a capital 'A' (or Baukunst) than at the GSD. Students are really competent technically, spatially and visually after the ETH. The school is certainly 'critical', but more so with respect to the making of buildings than on broader socioeconomic/cultural issues that you would engage with at elite US universities. The GSD isn't where I would go if I wanted to learn how to be a great master architect (or a super exciting designer), it is a school for change makers in the world more broadly, and how design can intervene to make change. It's a much different skillset, so it depends on what you want to do. ETH graduates are much more employable from an employers POV, even in the US I would imagine.

The ETH architecture programme teaches through German at C1 level I believe, which might mean some (a lot) of language upskilling.

Jul 13, 21 4:46 am  · 

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