How's the master of landscape architecture in ETH?


Have anyone studied master of landscape architecture in ETH? It might be sort of a new degree and I could rarely find the project from their students on the website. 

if it possible, what's the feature of this program, what's their difference to other landscape architecture degrees, such as GSD's?

Jul 1, 21 12:30 pm

I would like to hear about this also. It's just starting into it's second year so there aren't any graduates yet. It is unfortunate for me that German at C1 level is required though, massive amount of work required to get to that point.

One of the course leaders, Teresa Galí Izard taught at UVA and the GSD previously. Her work at the GSD is what got me interested initially to apply there. Again, if it wasn't for the German barrier, I would be there. The curriculum looks excellent.

Jul 5, 21 5:57 am  · 
1  · 

I also have problem about German. btw, I like the work of Teresa Galí Izard as well!

Jul 15, 21 11:26 pm  · 

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