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So I'm 20 years old and in my 2nd semester of architecture in Germany, and I don't really know if I wanna do this for the rest of my life. First I did mechanical engineering for a year and lost interest, then I wanted to go into art or illustration, but my parents wanted me to do something "safe/ more stable future". So I thought I'm gonna go into architecture since it has less of the mathematical part from engineering and more creativity is involved, which I wanted. But right now, especially a year of Zoom, I lost a ton of interest and motivation. My end goal is to move to Japan eventually (lived there for a bit and enjoyed it a lot more than here) and from what I've read, going into architecture there isn't the best option either. So I kinda have no idea what to do right now. I'm not sure if anyone can even give advice on this, to be honest. I feel like if this continues, I'm gonna be trying out different programs until I'm 30 years old or something, like it always feels like I'll be wasting years just by quitting and doing something else. Don't know if the post makes sense anymore since I just kept rambling.

Jun 30, 21 1:57 pm

You can always shift career after grad, or continue into a different Master's - architectural education is fairly good as prep for different fields (general anecdotal-wisdom is 50%-ish switch out of architecture within a few years of work/graduating). Art/graphic design in particular goes hand in hand with architecture edu., so could practice techniques while in school and do commissions when away from your parents.

I'd say it is natural to have doubts part way through, but definitely finish some university though - better to have any post-secondary education + more options when you can, than be unable to later....

Jun 30, 21 2:50 pm  · 

solve your financial cost-of-living issues separately from your creative endeavors... separate from any advise to the contrary suggesting the joys of following your passion in your career, and separate from any discussion/need to scratch an itch on intellectual or creative pursuits, if you can get paid with as minimum input (both time and energy) as possible, then everything else will be easier.  

People who put in 40+ hours at a job they hate don't have a problem with finding a job they love, they have a problem with working too much.  

Jun 30, 21 3:33 pm  · 

honestly speaking my friends who did art, illustration, ceramics or graphics design are doing are more interesting and far more successful than any I know who studied architecture with me. The World is changing and the perception of the creative arts industry needs to change. 

If your goal is eventually Japan then architecture isn't going to be what you want to do there as it might be one of the worst locations to practice.

Jul 1, 21 12:23 pm  · 
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