Moving between degrees in grad school (M.C.P. to M.Arch, vice versa)



I'm entering my senior yr in undergrad pursuing a dual degree in architecture (b.s.) and environmental studies (focus on sustainable city planning) and I'm in an academic pickle. I would love to do a dual degree M.Arch and M.C.P. at a school like Berkeley or UCLA but I'm not sure if I can get into both programs simultaneously. I was wondering if anyone has any insight into the transfer process between programs within a school. 

I know an M.Arch will open more doors in the field of architecture and urban planning so, if I had a choice, I would focus my time pursuing that, especially if I can't afford 4 years of tuition doing both. Because of my academic coursework and experience in my undergrad, I'd like to think my application will be very competitive for both master's programs. However, both programs at Berkeley, UCLA, GSD, etc. are world-class and I'm trying to be realistic. So in the event that I don't get accepted to the latter mentioned, I wanted to see if it would be more beneficial to just enroll for my first year in M.C.P. and transfer or take the year off and find an internship. 

Like I said, I would love to do both but I'm not sure that's realistic, especially since my undergrad degrees are pretty similar. Any thoughts would be more than appreciated. 


Jun 30, 21 2:58 pm

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