Need help on portfolio and reapplying for MArch1


I applied for MArch 1 and got admitted to UCB this year. But due to some reasons, I'm thinking about reapplying. GSD is one of my goals, though difficult, I really want to reach for it.

Here are some of my background:

BS in Engineering (Civil Engineering)

GPA 3.82


GRE V161 Q170 AW3.5

I don't have outstanding working experience. I've interned in a small design firm for several months, and I've also attended some introductory courses in Taiwan.

Portfolio here

The portfolio is the one I used for application and I was luckily admitted to UCB. Right now looking back, I think that my portfolio needs a rework, but don't really know what should I do, which is why I'm here looking for some feedback. 

Part of me also considers attending classes at UCB and reapplying at the same time. Is it a good idea to put my first-year projects in the application portfolio?

Any thoughts about the portfolio, where I can improve or what should I do next would be very helpful! Thanks!

Jun 21, 21 9:00 pm

for each of 3 projects: 3 or 4 diagrams, 1 image, a 25 word description of the design intent.

my 2¢

Jun 24, 21 11:28 pm  · 

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