Is transferring to UWaterloo from UBC worth it?



This is my first thread here, I am really grateful because I found this website. Absolutely LOVE it!


I'm graduating high school from a Calgary high school. My family lives here too, we are low-income and not really financially stable. I am a high achiever academically (average about 92-94%) and absolutely in love with architecture ever since I was little. I studied up until grade 11 in the United Arab Emirates and only grade 12 in Canada.

University admission:

I applied for: 

-waterloo: BAS and got rejected, given an alternate offer for Planning.

- UBC got in!!

- Mcgill: got waitlisted

-Carleton: rejected, given an alternate offer for Bachelor of Arts, history of architecture

Current plan:

I know that Vancouver is expensive and I want my family to be around, they are willing to move but not to Vancouver. I was hoping I could get into Waterloo because of their amazing program along with the co-op and Rome stuff. I am considering studying at UBC for a year then applying next year to Waterloo. Would that be possible or would the admission office be confused as to why I would apply for the same program I am at just in a different university? 

I know that Waterloo BAS does not accept students into the second year but if I am transferring from UBC Bachelor of design in architecture would they consider me a special case and possibly allow me to enter directly into the second year? Like maybe get in touch with the Dean of the faculty and explain my situation.

I am fine with doing the first year twice but is it worth it? Is there a major difference in the type of courses and learning at UBC vs Waterloo? There's also the advantage of my family moving with me to waterloo since it is considerably cheaper to rent than Vancouver. 

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is it worth it? Absolutely since Loo is the best school however, you will not be transferring, you need to reapply. Courses do not cross over easily don’t count on finding comparables. 

Jun 13, 21 1:13 pm  · 

Consider 2 years of undergrad at UBC and then look into moving to Dalhousie's undergraduate program, which accepts students from other programs/schools into their architecture school.

Transferring into Waterloo Architecture is generally unlikely.

Jun 14, 21 4:39 pm  · 
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This is a great idea.

Jun 14, 21 8:11 pm  · 

If you're willing to do the first year twice, why not just take a year off to save up and work on your portfolio then reapply? You might even be able to differ your UBC offer so there's no risk of not getting in next year. That makes more sense than taking five years, and spending five years worth of tuition for a four year degree. 

Jun 14, 21 5:22 pm  · 

I told my son I ll support any of his career choice, but architecture. Have you thought of that ?

Jun 28, 21 11:14 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

that's pretty shitty of you to single out something like that. Let the kiddo learn their own lessons.

Jun 28, 21 11:58 pm  · 

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