should I get into architecture


I am a recent grad with an environmental design degree.

I am interested in a joint master's in architecture and urban planning, however, through this forum, it seems that it does not pay off to have an architecture degree as there more licensed architects than a demand for them.

Really am interested in architecture to improve my design skills, yet feel discouraged. For those with a focus on architecture,  can you share your experience with me to make a better decision on what I should do?


Jun 11, 21 4:44 pm

If you really want to become an architect then do it, if you're on the fence then it's probably not a great choice.

A lot of my peers and friends have actually transitioned into urban planning though, it looks a lot more involved and exciting from the outside to me.

Jun 13, 21 7:34 pm  · 
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If I were you I would get into civil engineering or some field that can take advantage of all the changes that will be needed to update our nation's infrastructure. Maybe transportation engineering? Or maybe find a few projects that you really like and find out what kind of education the designers had.

Jun 23, 21 11:01 am  · 

#1 don’t base any important life decisions on what you read here on this forum.

#2 that goes for this post as well

Jun 23, 21 3:07 pm  · 
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Just go with your interest. Do what you love.

Nov 12, 21 10:25 am  · 

Speak to architects out there, from the fresh grads to the veterans. Visit an office and see what kind of work is done day to day. Explore the AEC industry - there are opportunities besides working as an architect. Understand the nature of "design" as a profession and appreciate the worst case scenario. See where your strengths and experience could apply - not everyone is cut out to be a top notch designer, just as not everyone can be an excellent project manager or subsystem specialist.

Nov 12, 21 10:56 am  · 

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