Needs Suggestion on Master Program That Combine Architecture and Computer Science


Hi, I'm a recent B.Arch graduate.

    On the path researching on suitable master program, I found myself interested in computer science, it would be perfect if there is certain courses that teach both knowledge. I started self-learning on flutter recently but I can't really find a suitable course that blends architecture and computer science. Is master in digital architecture suitable for this situation?

   I have researched on possible career path that combine architecture and computer science, but seems like a degree in computer science is more suitable than architecture to do jobs like developing software for architecture use.

   Is there any available courses that can I can apply to learn both architecture and computer science in master level? Would it possible for students like me with zero coding background to get involved in that particular program?

Any inputs and experiences to share with me would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance!

Jun 1, 21 12:00 pm

I think MIT is doing the most on this at the moment, but not sure. Georgia Tech does have some to a certain extent, but not a leader in innovation at this point. 

Jun 1, 21 12:49 pm  · 
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Stuttgart possibly if you're European. But you shouldn't enter the program with zero programming knowledge.

Jun 1, 21 1:05 pm  · 
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Because what you are looking at is much more specialized, you might consider working backwards by figuring out what kind of job you want to do, figuring out who does that kind of job, and then what said person's credentials are. I can't imagine someone would turn you away if you sent them a few questions regarding how they got to where they are; most people like talking about themselves.

Jun 1, 21 5:11 pm  · 
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I would work in a firm for a bit and then realize that you should uncombine the two and just study computer science instead.

Jun 1, 21 7:40 pm  · 
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The Bartlett offers an architectural computation program. It's mainly about coding in C# which can be used across many application.

Jun 2, 21 2:40 pm  · 
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I can tell you Cornell AAP hates technologies. I would recommend those European universities. Stuttgart mentioned above is a reasonable choice 

Jun 3, 21 6:44 pm  · 
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You might be interested in a M.Arch + MDE dual degree at GSD. I think there are a few people each year that go down this track.

The MDE is jointly administered by SEAS and GSD so should meet your needs quite well. 

Jun 4, 21 6:03 pm  · 
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