B.arc vs Bachelor of environmental study in Planing and Architectural Conservation and sustainability



I applied for B.Arc @ Carleton university and Waterloo but I got an admission in Architectural Conservation and sustainability Co-operative Education @ Carleton University and Bachelor of environmental study in planing @ Waterloo.

Can any one guide which course is better in terms of future prospective ??Can I pursue M.Arc after doing any of the above course.??

May 25, 21 9:24 am
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Carleton's conservation path is the weakest of their 3 undergrad streams... you'll miss out on most of the creative design studios and hardly touch any building science stuff.  It's a consolation prize and will not produce the same caliber of portfolio for future M.Arch applications.  If you choose this one, go in fully knowing that you will be at a significant disadvantage compared to your peers in the other streams.  Source, I used to do final projects crits at Carleton and I've seen the "top-level" projects first hand from those studios.

Waterloo is the strongest school in canada for architecture but planning =/= architecture. It's unlikely you'll build a significant portfolio in the urban design program.  

So, the best option is to take the carleton path and reapply to the design path so that you have a chance at a M.arch.

May 25, 21 9:51 am  · 
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Thank you so much for your response

May 29, 21 12:58 am  · 

I actually got into the Bachelor of Engineering in Architectural Conservation and Sustainability and not Bachelor of Architectural Studies in Conservation and Sustainability could
you also give your insights regarding this program.

May 29, 21 1:00 am  · 

I have not heard of those degree combos before.  Is this a new program? Can the schools give you contact info for Alumni working in this field?

Try to find out if this is a real career option or just a liberal arts degree that has no direct link to a specific career.

If no one has a job from the alumni of this program or it is a new program I would only do this if you have a scholarship for 80%+ of the cost. It could be a waste of time and money.

Over and OUT

Peter N

May 25, 21 10:14 am  · 

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