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I am researching postgraduate professional (conversion) Landscape Architecture programmes for future study, and the Netherlands is of particular interest to me as the title 'landscape architect' is protected. This is quite rare - but also there appears to be a very strong culture and awareness of the profession in the country which is very unique. The MSc. at Wageningen and at TU Delft are both of interest to me, and I am looking for insights into the differences in the two programmes, and how the two are perceived within the industry.

Wageningen University & Research is rarely heard of to an outsider like me, but appears to be consistently ranking as the best university within the country. It's research in the agricultural and environmental sciences align with many of my own ambitions for the development of my practice (in addition to its apparent strength in the social sciences) - I am really interested in food and the capacity for 'landscape thinking' to address climate change and biodiversity issues. It's research in these areas appears unparalleled anywhere else, I note the work they did too in the university with Rem Koolhaas for his recent exhibition in NY.

On the other hand, TU Delft is a heavy hitter within the architecture world and the work appears more focussed on urban issues and landscape as cultural production. This isn't contrary to my interests, but admittedly, as I already have a strong background in design I am looking for a strong grounding in the environmental sciences. The visual quality of student work seems higher at TUD, which is expected as the landscape course is situated within an architecture department.

I think much of the above similarly applies to many other countries too - landscape architecture at Cornell in an agriculture and life sciences school whereas it is in a design school at the GSD. But there is very little said on forums online about the programmes specifically at these two schools, so I would appreciate any insights, or equally any challenges to any of the assumptions I've made.

May 15, 21 6:55 am

Both excellent choices, their difference is mainly that originally the emphasis in Wageningen is on Landscape (and nature but primarily agriculture, it used to be called the Agricultural University) and in Delft on Architecture (and urbanism and obviously Technology) it is about the same topic but perhaps from a slightly different angle as the culture at the institutes is simply different.

Just have a look at what the graduates at both places are working on mostly to see what fits you best...

To complicate matters further, have you thought about the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam? They also offer a Landscape Architecture track.

May 15, 21 2:11 pm  · 
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Admittedly I haven't delved too deep into the programme at AAM and I'm also not too keen on doing it part-time, which I believe is the only structure they offer. I'm massively impressed by Wageningen and I'll be visiting it in September as part of a research project I'm working on which will allow me to take a closer look. I have also been reluctant to pursue this masters in a non-design school however, as typically the quality of the design work isn't as high, but the curriculum may be more closely aligned to my future aims. The more I look at the TUD course descriptions though, the more I'm impressed by it. So it will be a back and forth for awhile I'm sure. Thanks for your input.

May 16, 21 8:18 am  · 
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If you want to design in an office go to Delft. If you want to research or work on regional issues go to Wageningen. There is also the Academy in Amsterdam which allows you to work at the same time as studying...should that be something you prefer to do.

May 16, 21 2:54 pm  · 

I have a research based practice that aligns with the work at Wageningen, but I'm also aiming to expand it in the future to include work in the private sector which would make studying at TUD very valuable - hence the option between the two isn't so clear cut for me. Thanks for your message.

May 16, 21 4:09 pm  · 

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