UIUC vs University of Waterloo for 2yr M-Arch 2



I have been accepted to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and University of Waterloo in Canada as an international student.

I'm looking for some feedback as to which of the two is a better program to pursue for an M-Arch? 

I'm hoping to gain more practical skills and hands on experience that will help me professionally. 

Also between the US and Canada, where are job opportunities better for architects after graduation? 

Thanks in advance. 

May 10, 21 12:27 pm
Non Sequitur

Both of those countries are pretty damn large.  You'll need to be more specific and put a lot more thought into this. 

May 10, 21 12:54 pm  · 

I can's speak to the University of Waterloo but I am an Alum of UIUC.

UIUC is huge 40,000+ students almost 2,000 in the architecture, school not counting the landscape architecture program nor the urban planning program.  The school is located in a small urban area in a vast rural area but is economically and culturally connected to Chicago. The campus has lots of construction going on and the construction management courses get access to those projects for hands on learning.  There is a strong structural engineering program and they have lots of opportunities to minor or double major in a wide array of subjects.  The community has a long tradition of welcoming and embracing international students and you are likely to have fellow expats to form a community with.  The facilities for the architecture program are nice, natural light and generous studio space. The Architecture department works hard to place students and graduates into jobs and you can probably get a job with the university part time or during the summers in the campus architect's office.  

Winters are cold (but not like in Canada) and summers are hot with some exciting/ terrifying weather.

In Champaign Urbana you can live off campus and not need a car, public transport is included in your tuition and the campus, especially if you live in Urbana is walk-able to groceries, restaurants, coffee shops and has lots of housing options so prices can be quite affordable if you are willing to walk a few blocks or take a buss for 15 minutes. Both Champaign and Urbana are bicycle friendly.

The university has a huge theater, art and music programs so you will have lots of plays dance performances  and concerts to go to as well as a lot of art exhibitions and events all are free or very low cost.

If you have more questions message me directly

Hope this helps

Sounds like you have two good choices.

Over and OUT

Peter N

May 11, 21 12:06 pm  · 
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Hi, thank you so much for sharing your feedback about UIUC. This has been really helpful to get some clarity with finalizing my choice.

May 22, 21 6:36 am  · 

Hi, Thank you so much for sharing your feedback about UIUC. This has been really helpful to get some clarity with finalizing my choice.

May 22, 21 6:35 am  · 

Hi there, what did you decide?

May 23, 21 3:20 pm  · 

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