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I was wondering if you could recommend some interesting readings that discuss typology from a theoretical point of view. I am looking ideally for an anthology of selected texts that I could go through in my own time. I have identified some (e.g. Moneo, Caniggia, Pevsner) via online search, but I am curious as to any recommendations you may have. 

Disclaimer: This is not a homework enquiry. 

May 2, 21 1:55 pm

Vidler has an essay in The Oppositions reader on typologies which might be interesting...

May 2, 21 2:53 pm  · 
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Urban Housing Handbook is great for visual and analytical reference if you're interested in housing across different cultures.

There's also a chapter on 'Type' in 'Urban Design Thinking' by Kim Dovey.

May 3, 21 8:39 am  · 
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