ITECH Stuttgart Vs ETH MAS DFAB Zurich


Dear all, I have been accepted to the two programs for the following year and I am having difficulties in choosing between the two of them.

So far I have gathered this much:
ETH is a prestigious and well funded university, the campus as well as the workshops/labs are well-equipped and organized and the collaboration between all the chairs for the MAS DFAB program gives good opportunities for a possible continuation with a research career. The program is very intensive, it's one year long, and it's quite expensive adding the cost of life in Zurich.

2. ITECH is one of the most popular programs in the field of computational architecture. The master students are involved in the pavillions' fabrication (but somehow not in this and in the following year?) and many times they participate in commissioned projects. The program is free for European citizens and it's two years long.

I am quite puzzled with the choice, because both programs look very good choices. I am really interested in continuing with a PhD or a research position afterwards, and I am wondering if there are people here that can share their experiences from the programs or their opinion about them? Any information could be helpful at the moment to clarify the direction that makes more sense.

Thank you all so much for your time,

Apr 30, 21 12:19 pm

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