Funding UK Graduate studies? Tips..

So I got accepted to UCL Post-Graduate 1 year program and trying to see what kind of bursaries/scholarships/grants it still might be possible to get. I hold US/Ukraine citizenship. Curious to know how others have funded their Masters/Post Grad degrees in UK being international student..

Apr 27, 21 6:04 am

Marshall Scholarship and Fulbrights come to mind - for both you apply a year in advance. Both are prestigious so worth waiting a year to give it a go (depending on your undergrad marks).  UCL does give some scholarships but not full rides.  Have you checked what the EU might offer? Good luck! 

Apr 27, 21 7:48 am  · 

I did apply for Fulbright but didnt get it for UCL. Missed out on marshall though somehow..Not sure about EU ones? Anything specific? Will definitely google to see what comes up..

Apr 27, 21 9:36 am  · 

Didd you apply to one of the B Pro? Still waiting for mine. Also international student here

May 3, 21 11:00 am  · 

yup. any ideas how to fund the studies?

May 12, 21 3:02 pm  · 

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